Saturday, December 29, 2012


Hey Guys! My name is Amanda Kelso and I am a 21 year old seamstress from a small town about 200 miles east of Dallas, Texas. These are my shop locations!
Etsy Shop
Zeppelin Creations Website

Handmade creations from the heart.

A ways back, when I was just a young'n, I was trying to think of things I could make for my friends for their birthdays instead of just buying them gifts. I came up with the idea of making rather obscure (and yet adorable) stuffed animal like creatures. My first creation came out as a simple cube bunny rabbit, with a fur ball [recycled from an old winter cap] sewn to the back for a tail, some elongated oval buttons for eyes, and two long ears. From there I started creating other cube-like creatures, robots, cube dinosaurs, just anything really I could picture in my head I would create, realistic or not.

Hence where the idea to start a shop came from. I just kept getting idea after idea of different things I could make and I had no use for such a wide variety and large amount of items, so I decided to start a shop and share my creations with others!

Thanks, Dears! ❤

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