Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Reginald, Sir: Fancy Robot Plush Friend just sold last night!
Yahoo! Go check the etsy shop to see what's left! And remember, a scratch card discount will be sent out with each order until the 14th of February. So go take advantage of the wonderful gift!

Thanks, Lovelies!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Scratch Card Love.

Hey Guys!

Just so you know, I love you all!

Soooo, For a limited amount of time with every purchase you will receive a coupon code scratch card for anything from 5-25% off your next order to free shipping!

Promo lasts till February 14th! SO, get crackin'!

[you can redeem your codes till June 2013]


Peace. :]

Saturday, January 19, 2013

New Items!

Just added a few new items to the etsy site! Vintage Inspired Valentine's Day Flowery & Feathery Headbands!
Check them out! Zeppelin Creations Etsy Shop

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Recently added:

Reginald, Sir
Fancy Plush Robot
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Speckled Wool Robot Plush
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Go to my Etsy Shop to check out these super cute plushies!
Click Here!

Thanks, Dears! ❤


Hey Guys! My name is Amanda Kelso and I am a 21 year old seamstress from a small town about 200 miles east of Dallas, Texas. These are my shop locations!
Etsy Shop
Zeppelin Creations Website

Handmade creations from the heart.

A ways back, when I was just a young'n, I was trying to think of things I could make for my friends for their birthdays instead of just buying them gifts. I came up with the idea of making rather obscure (and yet adorable) stuffed animal like creatures. My first creation came out as a simple cube bunny rabbit, with a fur ball [recycled from an old winter cap] sewn to the back for a tail, some elongated oval buttons for eyes, and two long ears. From there I started creating other cube-like creatures, robots, cube dinosaurs, just anything really I could picture in my head I would create, realistic or not.

Hence where the idea to start a shop came from. I just kept getting idea after idea of different things I could make and I had no use for such a wide variety and large amount of items, so I decided to start a shop and share my creations with others!

Thanks, Dears! ❤